Sharad Verma on Mediapost has been posting about the rise of the visual web and has unearthed some interesting stats on the ROI of images on the appropriate platform (Pinterest) for marketers.

Pinterest also has a 75% bounce rate compared to 90% for Facebook, according to BLOOMREACH. When it comes to driving actual sales, on average, Pinterest results in $1.50 in revenue per visit, compared to $1.15 for text-based search and a mere 90 cents for Facebook.

Previously referenced stats are

To put the global influence of Pinterest into perspective, compared to Facebook, Pinterest drives an Average Order Value (AOV) of $169 — while Facebook is $95 and Twitter is $71, according to RECENT RESEARCH BY RICHRELEVANCE. On Pinterest, long-tail clicks keep the content valuable long after it is pinned — 30% of the clicks on the pins happen after the 2 days, and well into 30 days.

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