No Brand Social Amstel Light gets a Bieber Moment

Justin Bieber seems to be showing off his love of Amstel beer again in a post on Instagram from the 3rd February 2015.  Amstel Light home page seems to have an age gate set at 21 (the legal drinking age in the USA), so as Bieber is only 20 at the moment they presumably feel it would be inappropriate to capitalize on this bit of social media glory, or maybe they don’t even know about it.

Our point in highlighting this post, is not to discuss Amstel Light’s social media dilemma but to highlight the fact that the brand is not mentioned anywhere in the text.  In fact he writes no text at all to accompany the photo.  So unless their social media monitoring platform can analyze images then how would their brand team ever know about this?

Many people do not conveniently mention brands when they are posting a picture of a branded product.  Thus their posts cannot be picked up by traditional social media monitoring systems.  At Graymatics we apply our image recognition processes to photos and video on social platforms outputting a wonderfully rich text file, allowing any social media monitoring platform to report branded content inside images.  This capability is just an API integration away.

You can check it out Justin Bieber’s instagram here
and the post is here

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