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Faster internet connectivity and developments in web technology have made the e-commerce space more dynamic than ever. Consumers demand the convenience to search and shop for highly specific products instantaneously, as well as the brand safety to assure them that their purchases are not counterfeit or fraudulent. To meet these customer expectations, e-tailers must tap into advanced solutions to gain a competitive edge against their peers. Graymatics’ e-commerce platform, harnessing intuitive machine learning technology, analyses the distinct visual features of each product to recognize brands and products from images and videos and create targeted recommendations and deep insights into a customer base. We use this business intelligence to develop customised solutions for industry-leading e-commerce providers and consumers.


Manage your catalogue with Graymatics technology and have minimal human error. It helps provide better search experience for the end customer and easy uploading of products for your seller. This is done by having detailed metadata for each product present on your e-commerce platform.

Some of the features include:

  • Automated indexing,
  • Perform autocategorization,
  • Detection of low quality product images
  • Objectionable content detection

A simple click on the plugin helps your end customer buy any product that they see online through your e-commerce platform. It is very simple to use and at the same time provide a compelling experience for your end customer.

This plugin provides recommendations of the similar products present on your e-commerce platform – this increases the possibility of impulsive shopping in addition to proving a WOW factor for your platform.

The majority of today’s Big Data and analytics are text-based. Yet pictures and videos take up most of the traffic on social media, most surveillance setups are video-based and e-commerce relies heavily on how consumers respond to images. In order to truly tap into the wealth of information contained in digital media, digital marketing strategies must evolve to embrace image and video data and unlock the treasure trove of insights they have to offer. Powered by machine vision, smart indexing and neural networking, Graymatics offers a range of marketing intelligence solutions to enable consumer-facing companies to build up their knowledge of customers’ preferences, behaviors and trends in real time.


Social Media Monitoring – get the list of relevant target audience by monitoring the data posted by them on social media platforms eg Twitter and Instagram. This helps in providing relevant personalized messages to the target customers leading to higher viewership and more conversions

  • Auto-Categorization – performing real time indexing leading better categorization of all the videos present on your platform. It helps in automating the platform and make search more efficient
  • Scene and Celebrity Search – converting videos into actionable data helps in performing search by the scene that a user remembers or a celebrity name. This helps in enhanced user experience.
  • Relevant Contextual Recommendations– on the basis of the content viewed by the users, provide them with relevant recommendations and increase the viewership on the videos on your platform.

For today’s telecommunications (telecom) operators, it is simply no longer enough to offer a more economical product. We share trillions of photos across social networks and watch billions of hours of video every year – almost all of it on smartphones. It is no surprise that customers expect their operator to know them very well, and expect personalized services and content. User experience has become a critical new revenue stream as telcos vie to attract, engage and retain consumers. Leveraging on the insights generated from our multi-pronged cloud platform, Graymatics works with telecom operators to augment their own big data solutions with highly effective, user-centric personalization capabilities.


White labeled mobile application which enhances the user experience of viewing their photos and videos on mobile devices. Graymatics’ analytics helps users search the images and videos that they recall from past easily searchable through some random keywords that they remember.

White labelled mobile application which helps provide contextual recommendations of a particular dress, object, product etc which a user really want to buy. All a user has to do is click a photograph of that product and the application will provide you with relevant recommendations from the affiliated e-commerce partner

A telecom operator can get the rich insights of their user from the images and video they store on the cloud. These insights help provide relevant messages and contextual advertisements leading to higher conversions

While the number of CCTVs used to detect and prevent crime and terrorism has proliferated exponentially, existing surveillance cameras offer limited features and ultimately require human beings to manually monitor footage. In large monitoring centers with operators in charge of multiple unsearchable camera feeds, the vast majority of CCTV footage goes unwatched. A smarter solution is necessary in order to go beyond the limitations of manual monitoring. Graymatics’ plug-and-play Smart Surveillance technology uses image recognition and artificial intelligence to proactively scan roads, car parks and secure installations, empowering even the most basic CCTV system to keep your premises safe.


Monitor traffic on the roads with smarter vehicle analytics providing the following:

  • Automatic number plate detection
  • Detect car model
  • Detect colour of the car
  • Vehicle counting
  • Vehicle tracking

Monitor people on the roads, inside the malls with smarter people analytics which includes the following:

  • Face Detection
  • Face Recognition
  • Detect demographics – age, gender, ethnicity
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • People Detection & Counting
  • People Tracking

The retail industry loses billions of dollars every year to shoplifting and employee theft, and is investing billions in IP video surveillance cameras in response. However, these rudimentary solutions face obstacles common to all traditional CCTV systems – the system is reactive and not proactive, footage cannot be monitored fully, and people and items cannot be tracked accurately.

Our retail surveillance solutions can provide support with functions such as:

  • Face Detection& Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • People Detection & Counting
  • People Tracking

Have a smarter safety solution for your house with Graymatics’ advanced analytics.

Our home surveillance solutions can provide support with functions such as:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • Detect trespassers
  • Face Recognition

Provide your enterprise customers with intelligent analytics solutions which will provide below mentioned functions-

  • Face Detection & Recognition
  • Intrusion Detection
  • Emotion Detection
  • People Detection & Counting
  • People Tracking
  • Parking Monitoring – including detecting number plates, vehicle counting

It is poised to revolutionise how consumers create, interact with and consume data. Some studies estimate that there will be 50.1 billion connected devices by 2020. The opportunities for data-centric enterprises are enormous. Yet merely being connected is only half the solution for businesses: the other half is to leverage the benefits of 24/7 connectivity through intelligent analytics. Through Graymatics @ Home, Graymatics partners with industry leaders in the home appliance market, creating IoT products that meet the needs of the next-generation consumer, and the next-generation business.


Talk to your home appliances and know what is in your fridge. Identify each and every food item present by just asking a simple online questions.

This helps you identify if the food is ready from any location in your house. You need not open the oven/microwave but just communicate with a friendly message. The color of the food helps undertand if the food is properly cooked.