We share 1 Trillion Photos per year


If you remember this chart from the KPCB Internet Trends presentation from May 2014 then you will probably have done a little math in your head around that 1.8 Billion+ photo shares per day stat across only Flickr, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp.  It adds up to a mighty 657 Billion images per year.

Well, we got to thinking what the number would be in Mary Meeker’s 2015 report and with some rough calculations using the year on year increase from 2012 to 2013 of total daily shares (800+ Million), and thus not taking into account the non linear increase in photo sharing, we can confidently estimate that:

We now share over 1 Trillion photos annually.

This quite clearly does not even take into account the sharing on massive platforms such as Tencent’s Wechat and QQ or Naver’s LINE and ignores the re-sharing taking place on sites like Pinterest.  If you think that we probably take on average at least 2 photos for every one we share, then our phones and SD cards will have 2 Trillion photo images on them from 2015 alone.

The question is, with all this sharing of visual content, does the social media analysis of text tell even half the story of our social commentary?

Brands are missing out on a big part of the story if they are not analysing the content of these images and videos that are eating up our bandwidth allocations.

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